Crypto – good, bad or something in-between?

Data isn’t half encrypted – there’s no shades of grey When we think about cryptography, we tend to think in black and white. Cryptography feels definitive, binary, clear-cut. Data is either encrypted or it isn’t, readable or not – useful or useless. Digital signatures either validate or they don’t – messages are authentic or not. […]

Key generation – who’s really responsible?

Keys – the only thing that separates the attacker from your encrypted data When we think about cryptographic keys we tend to think about closely guarded secrets. Some keys really are treated with the appropriate level of respect. Those of you in the payments industry or those that have deployed a PKI, know all too […]

Whitewood’s Entropy Engine Awarded R&D 100 Award for 2016

Boston (November 18, 2016) — Whitewood, a developer of crypto-security solutions, was honored with a 2016 R&D 100 Award. The award recognizes the top 100 technological advances of the past year, as determined by a panel selected by R&D Magazine, in the IT/Electrical category. Entropy Engine was also a finalist in the Special Recognition Market […]

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