By Paul Asadoorian August 25, 2017

Richard Moulds, General Manager of Whitewood Security discusses how to take control of random numbers across your application infrastructure and virtualized environments.


By Paul Roberts June 23, 2017

This podcast addresses the growing difficulty of generating truly random numbers in cloud environments and on the Internet of Things and how ‘entropy as a service’ may be the answer.

Podcast: The Internet of Things’ Entropy Problem and why it matters


By Richard Moulds June 6, 2017

Don Pezet of ITPro TV interviews Richard Moulds and discusses the challenges and need for creating pure entropy.


By Richard Moulds October 4, 2016

Learn about the netRandom product and how it can be deployed to improve entropy generation capabilities across corporate data centers and cloud services.




By Richard Moulds February 10, 2017

This session, presented by Richard Moulds and Richard Hughes, compares different approaches to random number generation, examines why virtualization and the IoT make things worse and explains how new standards can benchmark entropy sources from lava lamps to quantum mechanics.



By Richard Moulds February 24, 2017

In this video, Richard Moulds discusses the importance of quantum mechanics in random number generation.


Richard Moulds on harnessing entropy for a more secure world

By Courtney Nash November 23, 2016

The O’Reilly Security Podcast: Randomness, our dependence on entropy for security and privacy, and rating entropy sources for more effective encryption.


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Three Critical Steps to Maximize Crypto Security

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 from 12:00PM to 1:00PM EST

Join this webinar and learn how you can easily upgrade your systems to take the uncertainty out of random number generation.


BrightTalk IoT Month Summit – Building Trust and Keeping Secrets in the IoT

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 from 1:00PM to 1:45 PM EST

Join this webinar and hear from experts at Whitewood and wolfSSL. You’ll learn about the pitfalls and solutions for crypto-enabling your IoT security to build trust, minimize risk and accelerate time to market.


Whitewood Webinar Series – Securing Your Crypto Infrastructure

Webinar 2: Strengthening Crypto Through Quantum Randomness

January 27, 2016 from 12:00PM to 1:00 PM EST

It’s easy to take random numbers for granted – but that would be a mistake. Random numbers and the entropy they contain are the basis of secure cryptography. Once random numbers stop being truly random, keys start to become predictable and security gets weaker. The big question is, how do you know that your random numbers are truly random and what can you do to make sure they are?

Join our webinar to learn why entropy and random numbers are so critical to modern security systems.

You’ll hear from renowned physicist, Richard Hughes, PhD. Dr. Hughes, a retired Fellow of Los Alamos National Laboratory, will provide unique insight into the following topics:

  • Random numbers and their critical role in cryptography
  • Entropy as the basis of unpredictability
  • Assessing the sources of entropy
  • Quantum mechanics and true randomness
  • Whitewood Entropy Engine – an inventor’s perspective


Whitewood Webinar Series – Securing Your Crypto Infrastructure

Webinar 1: Random Numbers – Who’s in Control?

Random number generation provides a security foundation for all crypto applications. For some, it’s a completely new issue. For others, it’s a dark art. And for a few, it’s something they have under control (or at least it was when they last checked). The truth is, most developers and security professionals are unaware of the challenge of generating truly random data, and pitfalls of getting it wrong. It’s tempting to take it for granted but every hardware platform, operating system and application generates, handles and consumes random data differently. When random data stops being truly random even your encrypted data is at risk.

This webinar presents new research into how real systems actually work, shattering myths and misperceptions about random data and entropy along the way.

Hear why now is the time to take control:

  • Learn the difference between entropy and random data, and test what ‘good’ really looks like
  • Understand the role of Pseudo Random Number Generators (PRNGs) and why they don’t have to be an oxymoron
  • Assess the impact of trends such as the use of Perfect Forward Secrecy for SSL/TLS
  • Bring unpredictability to the data center – generate entropy in a virtualized world
  • Harness the power of quantum to take entropy management to a new level


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