Whitewood’s Entropy Engine Awarded R&D 100 Award for 2016

Boston (November 18, 2016) — Whitewood, a developer of crypto-security solutions, was honored with a 2016 R&D 100 Award.

The award recognizes the top 100 technological advances of the past year, as determined by a panel selected by R&D Magazine, in the IT/Electrical category. Entropy Engine was also a finalist in the Special Recognition Market Disruptor Services categories.

“We are thrilled that our Entropy Engine was selected as the winner for this prestigious award. It highlights the importance of improving random number generation, the very foundation of all forms of cryptography, across data centers and security infrastructure,” said Richard Moulds, General Manager for Whitewood. “In developing the Entropy Engine, Whitewood works closely with our partners at Los Alamos National Laboratory to commercialize their initial research. The Entropy Engine illustrates the value of public-private partnerships in cybersecurity and an ability to bring additional protection to critical national infrastructure through such partnership.”

Many applications and operating systems rely on random numbers. In particular, those applications that perform encryption, use digital signatures or employ other forms of cryptography use random numbers as the basis of their security. When random numbers are not truly random, keys can become more predictable and security measures such as SSL/TLS, PKI and data-at-rest encryption could become vulnerable to attack. The Entropy Engine aims to set a new benchmark for performance and security when generating random numbers. Designed as a convenient PCI express plug-in card for servers, the Entropy Engine exploits quantum mechanics to generate pure entropy and delivers true random numbers at speeds of up to 350 Mbit/s. The product is architected to comply with the latest draft NIST standard SP800-90B for entropy sources and non-deterministic random bit generators.

“The Entropy Engine provides an excellent example of how a national laboratory and the private sector can combine their skills and resources to address real-world challenges,” said Los Alamos Chief Technology Officer Duncan McBranch. “Not only does the Entropy Engine benefit existing security applications today, it demonstrates potential to be an essential component of future quantum-safe systems. The technology shift due to quantum information and computing systems has been a long-term research focus at Los Alamos, and now with the Entropy Engine we are excited to see this technology in the marketplace.”

In addition to being provided as a standalone random number generator, the Entropy Engine also forms the heart of the Whitewood netRandom product that addresses the need for high quality entropy in distributed networks and applications. The widespread adoption of virtualization, migration to cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) all increase the challenge of capturing enough high-quality entropy. Deployed as a client-server solution, the netRandom product is designed to supply entropy across an entire datacenter or population of devices and enable existing systems to gain access to true random numbers without requiring modification to applications.

About Whitewood Encryption Systems, Inc.

Whitewood® is addressing one of the most fundamental challenges associated with modern cryptosystems – random number generation and distribution. Whitewood’s products exploit quantum mechanics to meet demand for high-quality entropy used for random data and key generation at scale. Building upon a base of quantum cryptography capabilities developed over the course of the past two decades at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Whitewood addresses operational vulnerabilities in encryption and crypto applications across the datacenter, cloud and in mobile and embedded systems. More information on Whitewood can be found at: www.whitewoodsecurity.com.

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