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ROCA and the Role of Key Generation

By Richard Moulds It’s been a busy week for crypto vulnerability stories. First there was the Key Reinstallation AttaCK (KRACK) that showed how a WiFi man in the middle could trick WPA2 handshakes into reusing encryption keys that are already known to the...

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By Richard Moulds We’re thrilled that one of our lead collaborators, Ray Newell, of Los Alamos National Laboratory received the 2016 Richard P. Feynman Innovation award for his leadership in the development and commercialization of Whitewood’s Entropy Engine. I was...

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Entropy made easy

By Richard Moulds We all love services. Throughout history we’ve consumed services when we either can’t do or prefer not to do something ourselves. When you think about it, it’s quite surprising how little we actually do for ourselves! That same attitude is now well...

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Random – Ransom

By Richard Moulds For some of us the RSA conference seems like a long time ago but amid all of the hype, some interesting points stood out. One particular session that jumps to mind was a keynote by the SANS Institute with the irresistible title of "The Seven Most...

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Weak encryption keys in the IoT

Last Christmas, while everyone was asking for their favorite IoT device (think Alexa), Siemens was busy patching a bug. Of course, the industrial IoT isn’t about Echos and Dots. It’s all about much more mundane devices; gray boxes that are easily taken for…

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Whitewood netRandom Demonstration

This video introduces the role of entropy and random number generation, particularly in the context of cryptographic security. It demonstrates the random number generation capabilities of Linux (dev/random and /dev/urandom) and shows how the netRandom product from Whitewood can be deployed to improve entropy generation capabilities across corporate data centers and cloud services.

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Key generation – who’s really responsible?

When we think about cryptographic keys we tend to think about closely guarded secrets. Keys are the only thing that separates the attacker from your encrypted data. Some keys really are treated with the appropriate level of respect. Those of you in the payments...

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Crypto – good, bad or something in-between?

When we think about cryptography, we tend to think in black and white. Cryptography feels definitive, binary, clear-cut. Data is either encrypted or it isn’t, readable or not – useful or useless. Digital signatures either validate or they don’t – messages are...

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