Our goal is to strengthen random number generation across the entire application infrastructure. With solutions that span data centers, cloud and embedded systems our customers are able to ensure that critical security applications can always have access to true random numbers. We provide two fundamental components: the Entropy EngineTM, a high-performance quantum-powered random number generator and the netRandomTM family of cloud and on-premise entropy delivery solutions to distribute true random ‘seeds’ on-demand to applications and security devices. Together they take the risk out of random number generation by creating an easy to install capability that brings consistency and assurance to existing and newly deployed security applications.

Whitewood’s netRandom cloud service and product family provides a range of deployment options to ensure access to high-quality true random numbers across distributed applications. Each application instance or IoT device uses the netRandom Client application to request quantum derived entropy to be delivered over the network from a central netRandom Server. Whitewood provides a free cloud-based netRandom service and products that are deployed to establish, on-premise entropy servers.

The entropy received by netRandom Clients is used to reseed existing random number services provided by the operating system and therefore avoids the need to modify existing applications.

The Whitewood Entropy Engine solves the problem of entropy generation. It provides high-speed, true random numbers in a convenient PCIe card form factor. At its core is a patent-pending quantum entropy source that exploits the laws of quantum mechanics to create true unpredictability. Capable of delivering 350Mbit/s, the Entropy Engine can satisfy the demands of even the highest-performance crypto-systems. The Entropy Engine is compliant with the latest draft of NIST SP 800-90B and can be used as a dedicated random number generator or deployed as the core component of the netRandom Server.

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