Quantum-powered Random Number Generator (QRNG)


The Whitewood Entropy Engine

The Whitewood Entropy Engine is a hardware-based high-performance Random Number Generator capable of generating 350 Mbit/s of true random numbers. Delivered in a PCI Express form factor the Entropy Engine can be used as a dedicated device for server based applications or can be deployed as the heart of the Whitewood netRandom solution.

The Entropy Engine uses the unique properties of quantum mechanics to generate true entropy – an almost perfectly random signal that is digitized and provided as a stream of fundamental randomness. Other random number generators capture entropy from a variety of natural and man-made sources but few have the fundamental randomness and true unpredictability of quantum mechanics.

Entropy Generation is Too Critical to be Left to Chance

Modern cryptosystems rely on high quality randomness and can consume surprisingly high quantities of random numbers to generate keys and perform cryptographic operations. If these random numbers are less than truly random, key finding attacks become a realistic and undetectable threat creating an invisible back-door for attackers and eavesdroppers.

Poor random number generation becomes a single point of failure, an issue that is compounded by the fact that measuring the quality of random number generators is notoriously difficult. This means that proving keys are truly random and unpredictable and that any crypto systems that use them are as secure as expected is almost impossible. In the era of ubiquitous encryption, it starts to matter which random number generation systems are strong and which are weak.

The Whitewood Entropy Engine has the following core capabilities:

  • High performance random number generation of 350Mbit/s
  • Designed to comply with NIST SP800-90B (draft)
  • Access to raw entropy stream enables independent security testing and validation
  • Real-time self-test processes ensure random data can be used with confidence
  • Convenient PCIe plug-in card form factor
  • Simple API to enable easy integration

Typical Applications for True Random Number Generators


  • Cryptography
  • Key management
  • Crypto-currency
  • Tokenization
  • Authentication
  • Payments
  • PIN generation
  • Statistical research and simulations
  • Gaming and lotteries

Product specification

  • Health Checks
    • Repetition count test (continuous)
    • Adaptive proportion test (continuous)
    • Conditioning block functional validation (startup)
  • Physical and Electrical
    • Form factor: PCIe card (3/4 length)
  • Entropy Production
    • Entropy conditioning: SHA-2 (512)
    • Output data rate: 350 Mbit/s
    • Entropy score: > 99.4%

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