Whitewood addresses one of the most fundamental challenges associated with all modern cryptosystems – random number generation

Whitewood enables its customers to take control of the generation of random numbers across their entire application infrastructure. With solutions that benefit traditional data centers, clouds, consumer devices and embedded systems our customers are able to ensure that critical security applications can always have access to true random numbers. Without true randomness, applications that rely on cryptography suffer from degraded security. Whitewood provides cloud-based services and enterprise products to organizations that need to protect sensitive data, critical infrastructure and valuable intellectual property. Our products and services exploit the unique properties of quantum mechanics to enhance the security of existing and new applications. Our objective is to deliver this ground breaking technology in a way that offers a choice of deployment options and minimal disruption.

Whitewood has worked closely with Los Alamos National Laboratory to invent new ways to use quantum mechanics to harness the fundamental randomness in light and to create security systems that can withstand the threat posed by quantum computers. We are proud that the first product to result from our collaboration with Los Alamos, the Entropy Engine, one of the World’s highest performance Quantum Random Number Generators, won the prestigious R&D100 Award in 2016 and was nominated as a finalist in the Special Recognition category of Market Disruptor Services.

Our products and services include the following:

  • netRandom Free – a cloud based quantum entropy source and delivery service (Entropy as a Service), available at www.getnetrandom.com
  • netRandom Enterprise – an on-premise solution for deploying private network quantum entropy servers
  • Entropy Engine – a high-performance Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG)

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Richard Moulds

General Manager

John Serafini

Advisor to Whitewood

CEO, HawkEye 360

Ilya Dreytser

Director, Solution Engineering

Matt Thoms

Associate, Allied Minds


Richard Hughes

Consulting Physicist

Whitewood Senior Advisor

Jane Nordholt

Consulting Physicist

Whitewood Senior Advisor

Raymond Thorson Newell

Research Scientist

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Bruce Potter

Chief Technical Officer

KEYW Corporation

Security Consultant and Software Architect

Alex Rosiewicz

Founding Partner, A2E Partnership Inc.

Whitewood Product Development and Program Manager

Robert Van Rooyen

President, Summit Scientific, Inc.

Senior Embedded Systems Engineer


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